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An easy accessible location to find server specific information.

Welcome to the Firnezia Wikipedia

This wiki is part of the Firnezia Minecraft server.
On this wiki you will be able to find the commands and settings you might want to know to be able to make the most out of your time in Firnezia.
You can easily enjoy your time in Firnezia without visiting this wikipedia. On are things explained like Quests, how Plot Protection works PVP and you can find all the available commands. An example of what can expect on this wiki:
What you will find: The costs of claim blocks, how to protect your claims and the quests available in the server.
What you will not find: A description of every mcmmo skill, this you will find on the plugins official page.

About Firnezia

Firnezia is an open Minecraft server where all players can join in a world of building, level'ing and magic.
The player is able to join a RPG themed world where he can build great structures, take arms against each other or go on advantures.
Using multiple plugins Firnezia offers in part the options of the original minecraft but also an hole other world to enjoy and explore with their friends.

Did you know that ..

... Firnezia started out as a fully vanilla Minecraft server. After a few months the urge to offer more took over and the new Firnezia as we know, with plugins was born.
... Multiple plugins in Firnezia were added after a suggestion of one of the players. You can suggest your ideas in the forum.

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