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Beer Keg Facts by Ronald Senn

Call it a bar, pub, watering hole or heaven, the bar can be a good option to get drinking games. Why it this popular place better? First of all, alcohol never finishes, second, you don't ever ought to tidy up when someone posseses an accident, third, there are more drinkers who will join in the fun and lastly, you are able to play as noisy as you are able to without getting trashed. Bar games are popular everywhere; in some famous bars, bartenders are even paid to host bar games to get the booze flowing. Of course the more drinks customers have, the balance also piles up.

Come on girls; men might think that beer is really a "manly drink" - but it doesn't mean we will need to believe it as well. I for just one wish to enjoy an ice cold beer with my girlfriends while referring to the newest workplace gossip, comparing amazing shopping finds, finding out our everyday life, or perhaps plain relaxing while away from the opposite sex. There's nothing like the design of an excellent brew slowly trickling down my throat, especially after having a long day.

On the fifth day, an incredible horse race was organized along with the authorities made a decision to rehold the festivities inside the following years. Therefore, a tradition occurred and attracted the attention from the area. Today the Munich Beerfest traditionally is held during sixteen days and includes the very first Sunday in October. Other cities around the world also hold Oktoberfest celebrations, modeled following the Munich event. Oktoberfest 2010 marks 200th anniversary of the Munich Oktoberfest and takes place from September 18th to October 4th 2010. The lord mayor of Munich begins the state run starting ceremony in Schottenhamel beer tent. The beer tents open at 10:00am from Mondays to Fridays and close at 11:30pm. On the weekends, the tents open at 9:00am. Each beer tent has its own distinctive atmosphere, some recognized for its crowd or music, the opposite ones being traditionally more famous for drinks and the various kinds of food they serve. Some impressive statistics in the event include 14 giant tents with a total seating capacity of 100,000 serve 5.5 million liters of potent 'March beer presents (check it out)', more than 600,000 fried chickens and 84 heads of cattle. The annual commercial value in the whole thing is estimated at least of 0.7 billion Euro.

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You'll need a big steel spoon to stir your homebrew, and do not use a wooden spoon as it can contain bacteria that could possibly infect your beer. Once you're done with brewing the beer you will need to transfer it to a fermenter. Plastic bucket fermenters include the most popular for newbies, but others can be purchased. To measure the alcohol content of the beer you will need to purchase a hydrometer, a gadget that measures the density of your brew.